Brand Meaning


INTERPRETATION:Let more people mote health

As a leading brand in sports, Yijian takes on the healthy pursuit of health and the spirit of the people,
and is committed to making the public have a positive attitude towards life and enjoy the sport.

Brand Positioning

Intellectual sports, funny life


    Have a good view of intelligent industry,
    to be guider of industry’s intelligency


    Yijian advocateu do exercise,
    to be a part of life


    Yijian engaged in exercise
    let user have more fun

Brand Story

With the speedy city life
More and more people life with high pressure
They’d like relieve the pressure
And want get inspiring life and enjoy happy life.
Our famous brand Yijian was sport sample in China
Until now we mainly specilized in treadmills,
spinning bike,rowing machine and elliptical bike,
developing more advanced machine with high technology.
Give more happinese to customers


Brand Slogan

Yijian more professional treadmill